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Climate positive,
traceable cotton.

Good Earth Cotton® is a modern regenerative farming program that empowers global producers, communities, and members of the textile supply chain as agents of change through an environmentally beneficial approach to global cotton and agriculture. 

Climate Positive

Good Earth Cotton® farming techniques and practices enhance the ability for soil to sequester more carbon than the entire cotton growth lifecycle emits.

Data Driven

Modern regenerative agriculture is reliant on primary field data – if data does not show improvement, a regenerative state is not evident.

Ecology at the Forefront

Soil carbon is the key driver to healthy soil; the key driver to soil carbon is plant life. Good Earth Cotton®’s farming practice is built upon this environment-first ethos.

Verified by FibreTrace®

All Good Earth Cotton® lint is embedded with FibreTrace®, possessing the power to be digitally and physically traced from grower to garment.

The Cotton

At Good Earth Cotton®, we are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of cotton globally through modern regenerative farming. We have transformed the cotton field into a laboratory for innovation and environmental progress to proudly produce a cotton fibre traceable from grower to garment.

Positive Impact

Always putting ecology at the forefront of our practice, Good Earth Cotton® leaves a positive impression on its environment. Our cotton is set apart for its positive impact which flows along the value chain and to the consumer. Good Earth Cotton® is more than fibres; we are industry disruption, a marker of change.


  • “If we can continue to grow raw materials that actually have a regenerative impact, then fashion can change the world,”

    Maggie Hewitt
    Founder of Maggie Marilyn
  • “Ethical and sustainable manufacturing has always been important to us, so it’s exciting to work with such an inspiring and innovative company like Good Earth Cotton. The technology is truly amazing – it’s revolutionising transparency and traceability.”

    Melanie Levis
    Executive Director at CUE
  • “a unique solution for extending a level of deep and powerful visibility into how our products are made,”

    Kathleen Talbot
    Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Operations at Reformation
  • [Good Earth Cotton’s] commitment to the improvement of biodiversity on-farm, including increased populations of native species and large wildlife corridors, and the responsibility they’re taking for things like the health of local waterways, point to the value they place on important outcomes that transcend the immediately commercial.

    Carli Davis
    R.M.Williams’ sustainability and CSR manager
  • “Our collaboration with Good Earth Cotton® marks the next step of our sustainability journey, working towards full supply chain traceability from farm through to recycle and reuse. Our customers can now have complete trust in the IMPETUS products they buy and know with full certainty where their products have been and their environmental impact,”

    Ricardo Figueiredo
    General Manager of IMPETUS Group

    Let’s work together.

    When you see the Good Earth Cotton® mark, you can be certain it stands for climate positive, audited and traceable cotton. Our goal is to develop meaningful partnerships with farmers, suppliers and brands around the world to accelerate the progress of cotton through better practices and measurement toward a better future for our industry and our planet.

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