Earth’s only
climate positive,
traceable cotton.

At Good Earth Cotton®, we are revolutionising cotton farming as we know it. Our modern regenerative farming program uses primary data and on-farm research to deliver land restoration, enhanced soil and pasture biodiversity, water use efficiency, chemistry and synthetic amendment reduction, and presents farmers with additional value for their fibre.

The Cotton

At Good Earth Cotton®, we are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of cotton globally through modern regenerative farming. We have transformed the cotton field into a laboratory for innovation and environmental progress to proudly produce a cotton fibre traceable from grower to garment.

Positive Imapct

Always putting ecology at the forefront of our practice, Good Earth Cotton® leaves a positive impression on its environment. Our cotton is set apart for its positive impact which flows along the value chain and to the consumer. Good Earth Cotton® is more than fibres; we are industry disruption, a marker of change.

Brand Partners

When you see the Good Earth Cotton® mark, you can be certain it stands for climate positive, audited and traceable cotton. Our goal is to develop meaningful partnerships with farmers, suppliers and brands around the world to accelerate the progress of cotton through better practices and measurement toward a better future for our industry and planet.

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