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Introducing Good Earth Cotton; a modern regenerative farming program that empowers global producers, communities, and members of the textile supply chain as agents of change through an environmentally beneficial approach to global cotton and agriculture.

Through co-creation of knowledge, science, and metrics, the program delivers tangible benefits to growers – including land restoration, enhanced soil and pasture biodiversity, and  improved natural resource use efficiency – while conserving, protecting and enhancing natural ecosystems. Alongside, growers are presented with additional value for their fibre, improving rural livelihoods and communities.

Good Earth Cotton® practices combine smart farming with primary impact data and technology to deliver transparent annually audited reporting on a farm-by-farm basis and to trace from ground to garment, ensuring fibre authenticity and integrity with the power of FibreTrace®. 

Good Earth Cotton® is set apart for its positive impact, flowing along the value chain and to the consumer. More than fibre, Good Earth Cotton® represents industry disruption: a marker of change. With a defined intention to nurture nature and lend a hand to restore the land on which we grow, Good Earth Cotton® achieves conscious cotton production through attention to detail in a science-backed approach to agriculture. A change in agriculture is the first step to a change in attitude toward Earth’s resources and a movement to prioritise long-term environmental well-being in the global supply chain.

The ‘red thread’ is fabled in the ancient Greek legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. As the story goes, Theseus had to kill the Minotaur to save his city. To do that, Theseus first had to navigate a maze — the Labyrinth where the Minotaur lived. No one, not even the Minotaur, had ever escaped it. But Theseus did. Ariadne gave Theseus a red thread to trace his path to the monster. He then retraced his path on his way out. 

The red thread may stretch or tangle, but it never breaks.