Earth’s Only Climate Positive, Traceable Cotton

Combining over 150 years of industry know-how, the Good Earth Cotton® team are leaders in revolutionising cotton farming as we know it, resulting in the world’s first climate positive cotton production. Led by data, innovation, and doing things for good, we are passionate about reducing cotton’s environmental footprint.

Good Earth Cotton® is not only independently certified as being carbon positive – meaning we sequester more carbon than we emit – but Good Earth farms uphold world best practices. This results in improved soil health, biodiversity, water efficiency, and an increase in renewable energy year on year at our farms, while maintaining high yield and high quality cotton fibres for the scalable market.

Founded by David and Danielle Statham in 2017, Good Earth Cotton® emerged from a desire to create a product made wholly from ethically-grown cotton harvested from the pair’s property in North-West NSW, Australia. From there, the commitment to climate positive farming and supply chain transparency grew.

Dedicated to Doing Good

Our Practices

Our passionate teams use innovative farming methods to grow and produce climate positive cotton. Using an outcome-based approach, we sequester more carbon (C02) than we emit to leave the soil in a better state than we found it. Through conscious farming, scientific analysis and a desire to make meaningful change, we produce a truly regenerative cotton fibre that we can trace from seed to shelf.

Our People

Collaboration, coordination and cooperation allow us to prosper and bring our vision for Good to life. Good Earth Cotton® is made possible by a community of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal – to create a more ethically-conscious cotton supply chain. Across the globe, Good Earth Cotton® ensures our teams feel valued and respected for their contribution to bettering the cotton industry as a whole.

Our Principles

Good Earth enables Cotton with a human touch, one that nurtures nature and lends a hand to restore it. We have grown from a desire to craft a legacy; to leave the earth in a better state than we found it. Connecting intersections of technology and nature, we embrace change, brave the challenges, and reap what we sow. Good Earth Cotton® harnesses the power of the grower to inspire industry healing from the root.

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