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The Earth’s Best Bud

Welcome to the home of Good Earth Cotton®, where cutting-edge science intertwines with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

At Good Earth Cotton®, a science-backed approach to agriculture lies at the core of cotton production. By embracing smart farming practices and utilising primary data, Good Earth Cotton® prioritises minimising the global environmental footprint of cotton while maximising soil health and environmental outcomes.

This modern regenerative farming approach has significantly improved soil health, decreased input, improved water efficiency, and reduced carbon emissions. Consequently, Good Earth Cotton® sequesters more carbon than it emits throughout its entire growth life cycle.

We believe it truly is earth’s best bud.

Visit our partners below to learn about their Good Earth Cotton® collections.

Our Partners

ABMT Group is an Australian- owned company comprising ABMT Textiles and ABMT Apparel. They prioritise responsible manufacturing, fair wages, and safe workplaces. ABMT fosters Trusted Creative Partnerships with growers, designers, and retailers, including their partnership with Good Earth Cotton®. They supply premium quality, ethically produced natural fibre products to iconic Australian retailers and are expanding into the USA. ABMT’s global supply chain includes fabric and garment manufacturing facilities in Australia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and China. They hold various third-party accreditations, ensuring high standards in their operations. Visit ABMT website here.

Established in Hong Kong in 1991, Anita’s Textiles Limited adheres to the philosophy of “From Concept to creation, providing complete and innovative textile design and development solutions.” They offer flexibility and a quick response to the market, providing a one-stop solution for various needs and requirements. Through their dedication to continuous improvement, they have established a reputation not only for quality products and exceptional service but also for an innovative mindset. Visit Anitas website here.

In 2018, Chaintex set a goal to achieve 80% sustainable material output by 2023, which they successfully accomplished two years ahead of schedule in 2021. Now, the Chaintex team aims to improve the remaining 20% and is utilising FibreTrace-powered Good Earth Cotton® to further enhance their company’s impact. Yarns are available in 100% Good Earth Cotton® and Good Earth Cotton® blends alongside responsible materials. Chaintex yarns are spun in Vietnam, and responsible fabric manufacturing takes place in Southern China, with the journey captured by FibreTrace® VERIFIED technology. Visit Chaintex website here.

NR Group has been a leading provider of sustainable textile solutions since 1965, specialising in yarn, fabric, and apparel. With 23 affiliated companies across Bangladesh, India, China, and Sri Lanka, they employ over 25,000 skilled professionals. Their comprehensive services cover spinning, knitting, dyeing, apparel making, and supply chain management. Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, they prioritise superior product quality, on-time delivery, and sustainable practices. As a family-owned organisation, they genuinely care about product excellence, the well-being of their people, and environmental preservation. Visit NR Group website here.


All Good Earth Cotton® fibres are embedded with FibreTrace® luminescent pigment, enabling complete supply chain traceability from farm to store, through to recycling and repurposing. This empowers brands and retailers with true custody of supply, the ability to quantify and audit fibre, and access to real-time primary impact data for both natural and man-made solutions.

Join us in accelerating a path towards sustainable, transparent and responsible production.

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