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It is our intention to nuture nature; to lend a hand to restore the land on which we grow. At Good Earth Cotton®, our conscious cotton production can achieve this through attention to detail in a science-backed approach to agriculture. We see a change in agriculture as the first step to a change in attitude toward Earth’s resources and a movement to prioritise long-term environmental well-being in the global supply chain.

Modern Regenerative Agriculture

Good Earth Cotton® relies upon modern regenerative farming practices, which primary data has proved to minimise the global environmental footprint of cotton, and to maximise soil health and environmental outcomes.

Sequestering Carbon

Our farming practice is lead by the pursuit of climate positive outputs. Good Earth Cotton® demonstrates best-in-practice farming methods that put ecology at the forefront, by always achieving efficient carbon sequestration and minimising emissions for a carbon-positive result.

Soil Enrichment

Our cotton crops are mulched and removed in a way that encourages plant biomass to compost naturally. This process increases soil cover and protection, helping to maintain moisture and providing a food source for microorganisms. Organic amendments are also added to the soil to enhance the active microbiome.

Effective Crop Rotation

Good Earth Cotton® crops are rotated seasonally with leguminous nitrogen-fixing crops or cereal crops with a fibrous root system. Rotating leguminous crops naturally enhances soil nitrogen levels. Cereal crops, such as wheat, provide superior ground cover that drastically reduces soil erosion and compaction and increases soil moisture.

Precision Planting

Precision planting gives optimal spacing of seeds to ensure that cotton plants grow with uniformity. We have found precision planting allows better water and nutritional efficiency for a more consistent and substantial yield output. Precision planting optimises our resources to maximise natural capital use across cotton growth and production.

Minimum Tillage

Good Earth Cotton® uses zero-to-minimum tillage practices to minimise soil disturbance and maximise soil moisture. This allows the soil to maintain nutrients in a biologically sound and natural manner whilst trapping carbon beneath the soil.

Water Efficiency

Good Earth Cotton® is grown with exceptionally high water use efficiency, tracked in real time using advanced telemetry. “More crop per drop” has been achieved by growing best suited cotton varieties, extensive research, the use of latest technologies and cutting-edge sustainable water management practices which have been industry benchmarked and are recorded daily.

Driven by Data and Transparency

Rigorous Measurement

Good Earth Cotton® farms report primary impact data on a harvest by harvest basis.

Measurements are reported across the entire farming operation, and solely on cotton production.

Good Earth Cotton® utilises carbon as a single indicator, representative of nine contributing factors: soil carbon, water, energy, fertiliser, fuel, pesticide, biodiversity, livestock and people.

Good Earth Cotton® is third party audited by Carbon Friendly, utilising an Australian developed but internationally accredited (ISO14064-2) best practice methodology.

Verified Traceability

Good Earth Cotton® is traceable with the power of FibreTrace®.

Products – be it yarn, fabric or garment – must utilise a minimum of 50% Good Earth Cotton® fibre to promote the program.

FibreTrace® gives textile brands and suppliers 20/20 vision of their supply chain at every step from raw fibre to store.

Through the power of combined physical and digital traceability, the patented technology provides unparalleled intelligence, real-time auditing, trust, integrity and verification to the global textile supply chain.

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Community Minded

Good Earth Cotton® elevates the role of the growers and agronomists, ensuring full participation in the future of our industry.

Throughout the production of cotton, we recognise a responsibility to the people who enable a Good Earth Cotton® textile to come to life.

We request that all Good Earth Cotton® growers ensure their workers are paid wages in line with country legal requirements and International Labour Organisation (ILO) Standards.

It is through the values of friendship and inclusiveness that we create strong community bonds.

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