Why is Good Earth Cotton better than any other cotton?2019-07-30T13:44:28+10:00

At Good Earth Cotton we produce some of the world’s highest quality cotton fibres. Whilst we are not the only ones producing a high quality product – Good Earth Cotton is the only known cotton that is verified to be Carbon Positive, Sustainable and Traceable.  What we believe the Earth’s most ethical high quality cotton.

The world has desired our Australian Good Earth Cotton for its ability to lift the quality of lesser quality varieties elsewhere in the world, the pureness of its contamination free lint and brightness in white colour. We believe the contributing factors of clean unpolluted air, rich soil high in organic matter along with care and precision for every seed we sew and harvest makes Good Earth Cotton what we believe makes us best in the environmental class.

Debunking the myths and misperceptions that plague the cotton industry #truthaboutcotton

How do I know if products are actually made from Good Earth Cotton?2019-07-12T05:46:48+10:00

Good Earth Cotton uses a patented nanotechnology system called FibreTrace. For the first time the environmental and ethical claims of brands can be independently validated and trusted. Use in-store FibreTrace scanners to validate the source of your premium Good Earth Cotton product and provide your customers with a unique retail experience.

What makes Good Earth Cotton different to organic cotton?2019-07-31T11:34:46+10:00

Whilst it may be sustainably produced, organic cotton does not have their Traceability guaranteed nor has it been verified as Carbon Positive. Unlike food, textile products don’t have to be certified to be described as organic. A product claiming to be organic might only contain a small % of organic cotton or be treated with toxic chemicals that would never be allowed in certified organic products. This problem is compounded by the fact that many “organic” cottons are grown and blended in 3rd world countries where compliance is limited and corruption in the supply chains widespread. Who checks the checker? Good Earth Cotton is independently verified by the University of Queensland as Carbon Positive and FibreTrace guarantees the source and purity of the cotton fibres though out the entire supply chain from seed to shelf.


What makes good soil?2019-07-12T05:49:58+10:00

Good soil must be physically, nutritionally and biologically balanced. We are so fortunate that our farms have been naturally blessed with good quality soils. However no matter how good the soil quality you have, the soil health can easily and quickly degrade by poor farming practices and poor land management leading to soil structure decline, soil acidification and soil erosion.

At Good Earth Cotton we are passionate about the health of our soil. We know that by focussing on what is good for our soil is good for our cotton, good for our business and good for our Earth. We don’t use degenerative farming techniques. Instead we take a holistic approach to our soil management. By using “minimal to zero tillage” farming techniques we don’t disturb the natural formation of our soil. We retain stubble to increase organic matter and improve water filtration. We maintain the soil so that natural organisms such as earth worms and beneficial nitrogen fixing microbes can nurture and fertilise our soils naturally. Healthy soils create healthy fibres.

Does Good Earth Cotton use a lot of water?2019-07-12T05:51:19+10:00

Good Earth Cotton is considered the most water efficient cotton crop in the word.

We have been verified as having the world highest yielding crop (approx. 14 bales/ha) with the lowest water use. “More crop per drop” has been achieved with growing best suited cotton varieties, a massive research effort, the use of latest technologies and cutting-edge sustainable water management practices.  Some of these include practices include highly efficient water storage and distribution systems, maximising water application efficiency and carefully monitoring water usage and calculating and adjusting water efficiency whilst the cotton crop is growing.

Our premium soil structures also play a vital role in our water use efficiency.

How do you trace Good Earth Cotton?2019-07-12T05:52:07+10:00

The FibreTrace system uses patented nanotechnology from environmentally sourced rare earth particles embedded into ecologically grown and harvested cellulose fibre. These fibres are mixed into our cotton fibres at our farms within our gin process, with no impact on texture or performance. With FibreTrace in the mix, the fibre can be spun and woven. The fabric can be dyed, washed, bleached, even laser-etched. The tracing fibres are instantly readable using hand-held, bluetooth-connected readers, so users can verify the entire supply chain in real time.

FibreTrace’s nanotech tracking system is powered with blockchain-based platform. Every time the fibre, fabric or garment passes through the supply chain it is scanned. Here GPS, environmental and ethical data is added and independently verified. The result is real time verifiable accountability. In a world of greenwashing and fake claims, FibreTrace can offer a single, reliable, view of the truth.

Can Good Earth Cotton be counterfeited or blended with other cotton?2019-07-12T05:52:53+10:00

No + No. The FibreTrace system with its special nanotechnology recipe of rare earth minerals ensures 100% exact fibre identification, purity and source of origin.

FibreTrace can even quantify the exact % of traced cotton used within a garment

What does Carbon Positive mean?2019-07-12T05:54:30+10:00

Good Earth Cotton is Carbon Positive, meaning its growth actually reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Our farms act as giant carbon sinks and absorb more carbon than they release. This fact has been independently verified by the University of Queensland.

How do I grow Carbon Positive cotton?2019-07-12T05:56:10+10:00

With great difficulty!

It has taken Good Earth Cotton years and years of research, testing and innovation using the best scientific minds in the agricultural sector to achieve this result. It has also taken a substantial multi-million-dollar investment. The earth will be a better place if more cotton producers around the world follow our lead.

What am I doing to benefit the planet by buying Good Earth Cotton?2019-09-04T11:52:11+10:00

So glad you asked!

We appreciate that you have choices, but informed choices are hard to come by. When you buy a product made with Good Earth Cotton you can be assured that it has helped reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, that it has been sustainably grown with best management practiced techniques by people who are passionate about the environment and the actual cotton garment in shop can be traced back to the seed it originated from.

Good Earth Cotton – Carbon Positive, Sustainable, Traceable. The Earth’s most ethical cotton.


Good Earth Cotton is passionate & committed to Earth’s most ethical cotton…
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