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Sundown Pastoral Company heads a new era of Agriculture

Sundown Pastoral Company heads a new era of Agriculture

We are proud to announce that Sundown Pastoral Company, the home and R&D hub of Good Earth Cotton®, is now a certified B Corporation. With this designation, Sundown Pastoral heads a new era of agriculture, recognised as leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.  

Located in northwest New South Wales, Australia, The Sundown Pastoral-owned ‘Keytah’ is the first Good Earth Cotton® farm and our own research and development laboratory. Serving as a base, it is from here we can pursue best-practice in modern regenerative agriculture with state-of-the-art agricultural technology. 

Setting the tone in modern regenerative agriculture 

Sundown Pastoral’s score of 95 B Corp points opens doors for a positive future in agriculture. Leading by example, Sundown Pastoral Company is proof that agriculture can be used as a force for good. 

What is a B Corporation? 

B Corps are businesses which make a conscious effort to improve the world around them: people, communities, and the planet. They are future-focused and measure successes by the positive impact they create. 

B Corp Certification is a clear marker that a business meets lofty standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. The certification assesses a company’s entire social and environmental impact with a holistic view, without exclusive focus on a single social or environmental issue.  

How is B Corp achieved? 

To reach this milestone, Sundown Pastoral has completed rigorous testing to demonstrate high social and environmental performance and corporate transparency across key factor areas: governance, workers, community, customers, and the environment. 

B Corporations must be re-certified every three years, which ensures companies stay compliant and improve on an ongoing basis. 

Good Earth Cotton® is embedded in the very values nurtured within Sundown Pastoral Company. We are proud to have roots at Keytah and continue to be guided on our global ventures by principles and practices developed by Sundown Pastoral Company.