Good Earth Cotton is passionate and committed to producing the Earth’s most ethical cotton.


Producing the Earth’s most ethical cotton doesn’t happen overnight. Our environment is our life blood and our purpose is to create a better planet for generations ahead.

Good Earth Cotton has a culture of continuous improvement and uses the latest technology combined with some of worlds best R&D. Because of this Good Earth Cotton represents the leading edge of environmentally sound and ecological cotton farming practices. The effectiveness of our environmentally sound cotton farming practices are also proven by independent scientific data.

Our valley also dedicates a portion of land to native vegetation and is home to more than 42,000 birds representing 47 different species.

Our family has farmed our fertile land sustainably for generations. The environment is in our lifeblood.
Our purpose is to create a better planet for generations ahead.


Good soil is healthy soil. Healthy environments rely on healthy soil.

The soil in which we grow Good Earth Cotton is rich and naturally nourished. Our black alluvial soil is so fertile, it stores tones of carbon. By sequestering this carbon, we grow our climate positive cotton with no negative emissions.

Our farming techniques, along with years of extensive research and development have proven our crops to be carbon positive. This is a fact which has been independently verified by the University of Queensland, Australia.

 Some of the practices that we employ to achieve this include, using organic composite waste matter, crop rotation, seed planting methods combined with little tillage or turning of our soil.

We have been using these “best practice” techniques for many years. Over time our soil health has improved dramatically. Our healthy soil is not only rich environment to grow our cotton fibres, but also provides a loving home to many living organisms such as vital earth worms and microorganisms.


Our farming techniques produce the Earth’s highest cotton yields averaging 14 bales/HA. This results in more lint on the bush per hectare and therefore a more efficient use of land, resources and water.

Good Earth Cotton is contamination free. No debris sits in our fibres, therefore no harsh processes are required to handle the raw fibre creating a smooth even fabric.

Pure white in colour and known as the whitest cotton in the world, Good Earth Cotton has no need for chemical enhancements in the finishing process to produce a quality long lasting garments.

Good Earth Cotton is not only a super sustainable fibre grown in harmony with our natural environments – its high quality is also world recognised.

Cotton fibre is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fibre throughout its entire product life cycle.

How on Earth…

  • We ensure organically composted waste matter is returned to the earth
  • We use environmentally sound crop rotation practices
  • Seed planting methods – we use state of the art zero tillage precision planters
  • Extensive use of solar and renewable energy across the entire Good Earth Cotton supply chain
  • We carefully manage our naturally rich, fertile and nourishing soils
  • Maintain clean river systems with every drop of water monitored
  • By auditing our farming techniques and using benchmarking data alongside scientific data to measure our environmental impact
  • We embrace and protect native wildlife and dedicate land to native vegetation