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Cotton Transparency with FibreTrace®

By embedding a patented luminescent pigment into the raw fibre, FibreTrace® tracks, verifies and audits Good Earth Cotton® live at each step of the global textile supply chain.

Cotton Gin

FibreTrace® is incorporated into the raw cotton fibre at the cotton gin via a luminescent pigment (considered less than industry bale contamination). From here, the cotton is baled and scanned out-bound. Each time a scan occurs, FibreTrace® generates location data, date, time and auditor information that is securely stored with FibreTrace® ‘s blockchain technology. Outbound bales ready for shipping are scanned from warehousing ready to be received at the designated spinning mill.


The Cotton spinner receives the FibreTrace®-integrated Good Earth Cotton® and scans in-bound bales into the facility. The cotton is then converted to yarn and out-bound cones are scanned prior to shipping to the fabric mill. Location data, date, time and auditor information is collected and stored in real-time on FibreTrace®’s blockchain- secured platform to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Fabric Mill

The Good Earth Cotton® yarn is scanned at the fabric mill ready to be converted into a textile fabric. Fabric rolls are scanned during the process and again as they leave the site, making their way to be assembled at a cut, make and trim facility. Information including location data, date, time and auditor detials is centrally stored and readily accessible on the FibreTrace® platform. 

Finished Goods

Fabric rolls are received and scanned into a cut, make and trim facility, where fabric is converted into finished goods. Out-bound products are scanned before being shipped to the brand, generating location data, date, time and auditor information. This data is stored on the blockchain-secured FibreTrace® platform in real time to provide a full history and comprehensive journey of the product from raw fibre.


The brand receives the finished goods and scans in-bound to the warehouse facility or retail store, concluding the primary production cycle. FibreTrace® devices can be installed in-store for customer or retail integration, and a secured barcode can be generated via the FibreTrace® platform to add to marketing material or product tags. 


Consumers can shop with confidence, knowing their purchase is genuine Good Earth Cotton®. From grower to garment, the cotton’s supply chain journey is available to the consumer on the FibreTrace® consumer-facing platform.