Traceability and accountability is the future of fashion

Traditionally, farmers sell their cotton at auction. After auction, their cotton disappears into the vast global cotton supply chain. In the supply chain the cotton mixed with other cottons of varying quality and unknown origins. More often than not, this cotton is from developing countries, with environmentally unsound farming practices. The cotton is then converted into fashion garments.

Because of the unaccountable and untraceable global cotton supply chain, consumers can’t actually verify where their cotton comes from. This makes it difficult to purchase fashion in an ethical conscious way. Lack of traceability and accountability is bad for the environment, bad for consumers and ultimately bad for fashion.

Good Earth Cotton disrupts these unscrupulous practices by offering fashion brands an alternative solution. Using FibreTrace technology we can track our cotton from our seed to your shelf. From the cotton seed planted in our fertile soil to the finished fashion garment in your store – we can guarantee the origin of Good Earth Cotton fibres.

You get auditable and accountable traceability that provides integrity for the whole Good Earth Cotton supply chain. The Good Earth Cotton fibres you buy is the fibre your garment is made from. 100% Good Earth Cotton. 100% Guaranteed.

Unlock your carbon footprint, showcase your ethical standards and tell powerful stories about your fashion brands. Good Earth Cotton delivers you the tools you need to satisfy environmentally conscious consumers.


We can now verify Good Earth Cotton’s source of origin real time! FibreTrace technology means fashion brands can build better trust with their environmentally conscious consumers.

Unlock your carbon footprint and showcase your ethical standards