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Blue Illusion® X Good Earth Cotton®

Blue Illusion® X Good Earth Cotton®

Blue Illusion® has released their signature Bengajean® range, now featuring styles made with climate positive Good Earth Cotton®. The release is the first for the partnership and will see the inclusion of Good Earth Cotton® yarn in three styles of the Bengajean® as the first phase of the transition of their iconic Bengajean® to Good Earth Cotton®.

The French inspired fashion brand was founded 20 years ago by Donna and Danny Guest and has always endeavoured to keep circularity and sustainable practices front of mind. 

We are so proud to be partnering with Good Earth Cotton® and have been inspired by their carbon positive production practices. Our partnership is an important step towards a more sustainable future.

Donna Guest, C.E.O and Creative Director of Blue Illusion®

The team acknowledges that sustainable practices are always advancing, and the label are woking on strategies to lower their impact. Through their partnerships with various organisations and charities targeting landfill diversion, Blue Illusion® engages in holistic sustainable practices, considering the social and economic dimensions of their products, partnerships and operations. 

Operational changes, such as the introduction of recycled yarn, compostable cornstarch bags, an emphasis on natural fibres, and the avoidance of virgin plastics where possible, has allowed Blue Illusion to continue to lower their environmental impact.

Partnering with WorldFinds Fair Trade to support female artisans in India for their accessory production and Leather Working Group for their leather products, Good Earth Cotton® is the next vital step towards reducing their carbon footprint, as regenerative farming and positive impact practices are key to Blue Illusion®’s future goals, and are an investment in the future earth. 

Blue Illusion® will continue to invest in the wellbeing of the earth and the global community, with their next project to see a tree planted for every garment purchased from their December collection. 

Shop the Bengajean® Straight Leg in clean denim, the Skinny Leg in clean denim and the Shorts in clean denim here.